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I'm a professor of Computer Science, Complexity and Design at the Polytechnic Arts and Design School in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. I'm also member of the Centre for Complexity and Design research group of the Open University in the UK. My PhD is in Complex Systems with a study of structure of online news. My research interests include distributed multilevel complex systems and bio-inspired computational modelling. Other topics of interest include social networks, evolutionary computation, machine learning, data analytics, community detection, cellular automata, emergence and stigmergy..

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2018 ... Future Learn

2017... ESAD - Instituto Politécnico de Leiria


  • 1st Sem.
    • Physical Computing
    • Design for Complex Data
    • Trans-disciplinar Seminar


  • 1st Sem.
    • Physical Computing
    • Design for Complex Data
    • Trans-disciplinar Seminar
  • 2nd Sem.
    • Algorithms and programming
    • Research Methodologies in Design
    • Supervisor of cTesp internships.


  • 1st Sem.
    • Physical Computing
    • Design for Complex Data
  • 2nd Sem.
    • Algorithms and programming
    • Research Methodologies in Design
    • Supervisor of cTesp internships.


  • 1st Sem.
    • Physical Computing
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Digital Design Systems
    • Trans-disciplinar Seminar
  • 2nd Sem
    • Algorithms and programming
    • Supervisor of cTesp internships.


  • 1st Sem.
    • Sistemas de Design Digital
    • Responsive Web Design
  • 2nd Sem.
    • Ferramentas Digitais II
    • Laboratório de Aplicações


  • 1st Sem.
    • Sistemas de Design Digital
    • Metodologias de Design Centrado no Utilizador, UX e UI.
  • 2nd Sem.
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Ambientes Interactivos

2016-2018 IADE - Universidade Europeia


  • 1st Sem - Distributed Programming
  • 1st Sem - Sistemas Operativos
  • 2nd Sem - Sistemas Distribuídos
  • 2nd Sem - Fundamentos de Programação - Mestrado em Design de Interação


  • 2nd Sem - Laboratório de IxD IV - Design de Desenvolvimento.

2013 - 2016 - The Open University, UK

2013 - Co-authored the software for T174-Engineering the future module.

2009 - 2013 Invited Assistant Lecturer at ISCTE-IUL:

2012/2013 (Autumn) - Programação Concorrente e Distribuída

2011/2012 (Autumn) - Programação Concorrente e Distribuída

2010/2011 (Spring) - Competências Transversais MS Project Spring 2011

2010/2011 (Autumn) - Programação Concorrente e Distribuída

2010 - Software for the representation and analysis of networks: 2nd Winter School in Complexity Sciences “Formal approaches for the representation and analysis of social network structures” Lisbon University Institute, January 11-15, 2010

2009/2010 - Competências Transversais - Excel Avançado

2009/2010 - Competências Transversais - MS Project

Projects I am/was involved.

(ordered by finishing year, otherwise start year)

2018/... Da.Re. - Data Science Pathways to Re-imagine Education

2018/... Ideia RxD—Interaction Design for Expressive Intelligent Artefacts—The IDEIA Research and Design collective aims to bring together researchers, artists, hackers, musicians, and others in a fruitful discussion space about the new frontiers of Expressive Intelligent Artefacts (founder).

2012/2015 TOPDRIM: Topology Driven Methods for Complex Systems (Researcher, Editor)

2011/2014 étoile: Enhanced Technology for Open Intelligent Learning Environments (Consultant, developer, tester)

2009/2012 ASSYST: Coordination Action for the Complex Studies in Europe. (Programmer, Editor)

2011 - Member of the Programme Committee of the European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS'11 Vienna, Austria.

2011 - Organizer of the 3rd 'PhD Research in Progress' Workshop at ECCS'11, Vienna, Austria.
2010 - Young Researchers Session at ECCS'10 (Co-organizer)

2010 - European Conference on Complex Systems 2010 (Organising committee)

2007/2008 ISEG: Epilepsy crisis detection. (Researcher)

2006/2007 - FA-UTL: ArqPapel - Estudo sistemático de imagens e projectos de Arquitectura do início do século XX, através d'A Construcção Moderna [1900 - 1919]. POCI/AUR/60756/2004 - Digitising of an early XXth century magazine. (Researcher / Consultant)

2007 - CPD/​FA-UTL: De.:SID survey on Design in the Portuguese industry (Researcher / Consultant)

2005 - IST-UTL: “Nanofiltração para a purificação e concentração de caldos de ácido clavulânico” (in Prof. Ana Maria Figueiredo Alves team). (Researcher)

Papers, Conferences, Talks, Posters


Teixeira de Sampayo, M.; Sousa-Rodrigues, D. (2023). The Walkability of Alvalade Neighbourhood for Young People: An Agent-based Model of Daily Commutes to School; 6th International Conference of Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism, 14–16 June 2023, Istanbul, Turkey.


Johnson, J., Denning, P., Delic, K. A., & Sousa-Rodrigues, D. (2018). Big Data: Big Data or Big Brother? That is the Question Now. Ubiquity, 2018(August), 2:1–2:10.


Jeffrey Johnson, Peter Denning, David Sousa-Rodrigues, and Kemal A. Delic. Big data, digitization, and social change: Big data (ubiquity symposium). Ubiquity, 2017(December):1:1–1:8, http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/3158335 December 2017.

David Sousa-Rodrigues and Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo - Random-Walks on the plans for the 1755 Lisbon reconstruction. Cities as Complex Systems - Public presentation at the conference "Novos estudos & Novos olhares sobre a cidade" of the "Instituto de História Contemporânea"

Eugénio Rodrigues, David Sousa-Rodrigues, Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo, Adélio Rodrigues Gaspar, Álvaro Gomes, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Clustering of architectural floor plans: A comparison of shape representations, Automation in Construction, Volume 80, August 2017, Pages 48-65, ISSN 0926-5805, http://doi.org/10.1016/j.autcon.2017.03.017


Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo and David Sousa-Rodrigues. "Random-walk mobility analysis of Lisbon’s plans for the post-1755 reconstruction" Open Engineering, 6.1 (2016) from http://doi.org/10.1515/eng-2016-0040

Tibély, G., Sousa-Rodrigues, D., Pollner, P., and Palla, G. Comparing the hierarchy of keywords in on-line news portals. PLOS ONE 11, 11 (11 2016), 1–15.

Gergely Tibély, David Sousa-Rodrigues, Péter Pollner and Gergely Palla. Similarity of hierarchical relationships in news portal datasets. Presented at NetSci-X conference; Wroctaw, Poland, Jan. 2016


Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo; David Sousa-Rodrigues; Random-walk Connectivity of Lisbon's Waterfront in the post-1755 reconstruction. in Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering, IECUBI2015, 2015, Covilhã, Portugal.

Cristian Jimenez-Romero; David Sousa-Rodrigues; Jeffrey H. Johnson; Designing Behaviour in Bio- inspired Robots Using Associative Topologies of Spiking-Neural-Networks; in Proceedings of International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies, 2015; New York.

Rucco, Matteo; Sousa-Rodrigues, David; Merelli, Emanuela; Johnson, Jeffrey H; Falsetti, Lorenzo et al.; Neural hypernetwork approach for pulmonary embolism diagnosis(2015); BMC Research Notes; vol. 8 (1) p. 617 PDF

David Sousa-Rodrigues, Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo, Eugénio Rodrigues, Adélio Rodrigues Gaspar, and Álvaro Gomes. Crowdsourced clustering of computer generated floor plans. In Yuhua Luo, editor, Cooperative Design, Visualization, and Engineering, volume 9320 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 142--151. Springer International Publishing, 2015. {download}

Cristian Jimenez-Romero, David Sousa-Rodrigues, Jeffrey H. Johnson, Vitorino Ramos; A Model for Foraging Ants, Controlled by Spiking Neural Networks and Double Pheromones; in UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence, University of Exeter, September 2015.

Mafalda Teixeira De Sampayo, David Sousa-Rodrigues, Cristian Jimenez-Romero, and Jeffrey Johnson. Peer assessment in architecture education. In David Gibson and Jan Slovák, editors, Building Sustainable R&D Centers in Emerging Technology Regions, pages 167--177. Masaryk University, Brno, Czech republic, 1 edition, 2015.

Sousa-Rodrigues, David; Teixeira de Sampayo, Mafalda; Rodrigues, Eugénio; Rodrigues Gaspar, Adélio; Gomes, Álvaro and Henggeler Antunes, Carlos (2015). Online survey for collective clustering of computer generated architectural floor plans. In: 15th International Conference on Technology, Policy and Innovation, 17-19 June 2015, The Open University, Milton Keynes


Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo, David M.S. Rodrigues, Cristian Jimenez-Romero, and Jeffrey H. Johnson (2014); Peer Assessment in Architecture Education; (accepted as preprint for oral presentation at ICTPI'14 in Brno, Czech Republic, download the slides of the presentation)

Rodrigues, D. M. S., & Ramos, V. (2014). Traversing News with Ant Colony Optimisation and Negative Pheromones. arXiv:1405.6285 [cs]. Retrieved from http://arxiv.org/abs/1405.6285 (accepted as preprint for oral presentation at ECCS'14 in Lucca, Italy)

Jeff Johnson, Cristian Jimenez-Romero, David M. S. Rodrigues, Jane Bromley and Alistair Willis (2014); Hypernetwork-based Peer Marking for Scalable Certificated Mass Education; in European Conference in Complex Systems 2014, Lucca, Italy

Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo, David M.S. Rodrigues (2014); The Persistence of Public Space: Downtown Lisbonin Roberto Cavallo, Susanne Komossa, Nicola Marzot, Meta Berghauser Pont, Joran Kuijper (eds); New Urban Configurations, pp. 480-488, 2014; ISBN 978-1-61499-365-0 (print) | 978-1-61499-366-7 (online); doi:10.3233/978-1-61499-365-0-488 http://ebooks.iospress.nl/publication/36023

Jeff Johnson, Paul Bourgine, Jorge Louçã, Cristian Jimenez Romero, David M. S. Rodrigues and Jane Bromley; The UNESCO UniTwin Digital Campus for Complex Systems: a global experiment in high-quality no-cost education.; The 3rd eSTEeM Annual Conference, STEM Futures – Reflecting on Teaching and Learning, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK (May 6th, 2014)

David Sousa-Rodrigues, “Q-analysis based clustering of online news,” Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity, vol. 3, (3) pp. 227–236, 10 2014.

Matteo Rucco, David Sousa-Rodrigues, E. Merelli, J. H. Johnson, L. Falsetti, C. Nitti, and A. Salvi, “Neural hypernetwork approach for pulmonary embolism diagnosis,” arXiv:1409.5743 [physics, q-bio, stat], Sept. 2014. arXiv: 1409.5743.


David M.S. Rodrigues; ``Identifying news clusters using Q-analysis and Modularity"; In the Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems, ECCS'13, Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 16-20 2013.

Vitorino Ramos, David M.S. Rodrigues, Jorge Louçã; ``Second Order Swarm Intelligence''; accepted to International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems (HAIS 2013), Salamanca, Spain, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, LNAI Springer Series; September 11-13, 2013.


Sampayo, Mafalda Gambutas Teixeira de; Rodrigues, David Manuel de Sousa - The persistence of public space: downtown Lisbon. In Proceedings of ISUF 2012 - New Urban Configurations. Delft: Faculty of Architecture, 2012.


David M.S. Rodrigues, Jorge Louçã, Vitorino Ramos, “From Standard to Second Order Swarm Intelligence Phase-space maps“, Poster in European Conference on Complex Systems, ECCS’11, Vienna, Austria, Sept. 12-16 2011.

Vitorino Ramos, David M.S. Rodrigues, Jorge Louçã, “Spatio-Temporal Dynamics on Co-Evolved Stigmergy”, Poster in European Conference on Complex Systems, ECCS’11, Vienna, Austria, Sept. 12-16 2011.

Rodrigues, D. M. S. (2011). Talk at the 1st Doctoral Workshop in Complexity Sciences ISCTE-IUL/FCUL, entitled Synchronization on Adaptive Networks; June 15, 2011; Lisbon

Multi-Agent-Based Simulation of University Email Communities. Rodrigues, David M. S. (2011). In G. Trajkovski (Ed.), Developments in Intelligent Agent Technologies and Multi-Agent Systems: Concepts and Applications (pp. 273-291). IGI Global.

Marat-Mendes, T., Sampayo, M. T., & Rodrigues, D. M. S. (2011). Measuring Lisbon Patterns: Baixa from 1650 to 2010. Nexus Network Journal, 13, 351-372. doi:10.1007/s00004-011-0079-z [ PDF ]

Rodrigues, D. M. S. (2011). Invited talk at SOMS-ETH, Zürich entitled ”Monitoring socio-technical adaptive networks”; February 28; Zürich

Louçã, J., & Rodrigues, D. M. S. (2011). Observation et analyse de réseaux de communication a grande échelle, Proceedings of the Rencontres interdisciplinaires sur les systèmes complexes naturels et artificiels, Rochebrune, France 16-22 January 2011.


Rodrigues, David M.S.; The Observatorium - The structure of news: topic monitoring in online media with mutual information, In European Conference on Complex Systems 2010 - ECCS10; Lisbon 2010, Sept. 13-17 Setptember 2010. (Special mention award)Slides

Rodrigues, D.M.S.; Louçã, J.; The Obervatorium and Socially Intelligent ICT, Invited talk presented at the ASSYST PerAda Workshop on Social Intelligent ICT; Imperial College London, 3rd August 2010

Rodrigues, D.M.S.; Louçã, J.; The Observatorium: Monitoring topic trend from online media – Invited talk presented at the workshop COST Action MP0801 “Physics of Competition and Conflicts”; Annual meeting – Bulgaria, May 26-28, 2010


David Rodrigues CIUCEU: Multi-Agent-Based Simulation of University Email Communities. International Journal of Agent Technologies & Systems, Vol. 1, N.º 4 - Oct - Dec 2009: doi: 10.4018/jats.2009071003

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Teixeira de Sampayo, M.; Rodrigues, D. - The Five Plans for the Aftermath of 1755 Lisbon Earthquake: The Interplay of Urban Public Spaces – In the Proceedings of ISUF Conference 2009 “Urban Morphology and urban transformation”, 4-7 September 2009, Guangzhou, China.

Sousa-Rodrigues, David; Sampayo, Mafalda G. Teixeira de - The Public Space as a Consequence of Subway Expansion The Case Study of Lisbon Subway – 1959 through 2009. In 5th International PhD Seminar Urbanism & Urbanization. Leuven: Bruno De Meulder, Michael Ryckewaert, Kelly Shannon, 2009. Pp. 77-82.

Experiments with toy models — Slides fot the presentation at Arrábida Meeting 2009


The advantage of using rules in online surveys. Urbano, P, Rodrigues, D. Revista de Ciências da Computação, Vol. III, Ano III 2008, nº 3.

Urbano, P. and Rodrigues, D.; Rule based systems applied to online surveys. In IADIS WWW/​Internet 2008 conference, Frieburg, October, 13rd — 15th 2008. (Citeulike).


Detecting emergence in the interplay of networks. J. Symons, J. Louçã, A. Morais, and D. Rodrigues. AAAI 2007. Arlington, Virginia, November 9 – 11, 2007 2007. (Citeulike)

Emergence in social networks: Modeling the intentional properties of multi-agent systems. J. Louçã, J. Symons, D. Rodrigues, and A. Morais. In F. Amblard, editor, Proceedings of the 4th Conference of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA’07), pages 639 – 650, Toulouse, France, September 10 – 4 2007. (Citeulike)

Pattern-oriented analysis of communication flow: The case study of cicada barbara lusitanica. J. Louçã, D. Rodrigues, A. Morais, and J. Symons. In I. Zelinka, Z. Oplatková, and A. Orsoni, editors, 21st EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation ECMS 2007, pages 229 – 234, Prague, Czech Republic, June, 4th-​​6th 2007. (Citeulike)

Graduate Research

PhD (2014) - Reading the news through its structure: New hybrid connectivity based approaches

Reading the news through its structure: New hybrid connectivity based approaches, David M. S. Rodrigues. ISCTE-IUL Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, March 2014 (Slides) – Record/Pdf at the ISCTE-IUL repository.

MSc Dissertation (2009) (in Portuguese)

Detecção de comunidades no sistema de correio electrónico universitário (pdf). David M.S. Rodrigues. ISCTE-IUL Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Março 2009 ( CiteulikePowerPointRepositório Teses da Biblioteca do ISCTE-IUL)

David Sousa-Rodrigues

Other Works

CellCom: A Hybrid Cellular Automaton Model of Tumorous Tissue Formation and Growth. D. Rodrigues. Technical report, Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Emrpesa, Av. das Forças Armadas – 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal, 2007.