Projects I am/was involved.

(ordered by finishing year, otherwise start year)

2018/... Da.Re. - Data Science Pathways to Re-imagine Education

2018/... Ideia RxD—Interaction Design for Expressive Intelligent Artefacts—The IDEIA Research and Design collective aims to bring together researchers, artists, hackers, musicians, and others in a fruitful discussion space about the new frontiers of Expressive Intelligent Artefacts (founder).

2012/2015 TOPDRIM: Topology Driven Methods for Complex Systems (Researcher, Editor)

2011/2014 étoile: Enhanced Technology for Open Intelligent Learning Environments (Consultant, developer, tester)

2009/2012 ASSYST: Coordination Action for the Complex Studies in Europe. (Programmer, Editor)

2011 - Member of the Programme Committee of the European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS'11 Vienna, Austria.

2011 - Organizer of the 3rd 'PhD Research in Progress' Workshop at ECCS'11, Vienna, Austria.
2010 - Young Researchers Session at ECCS'10 (Co-organizer)

2010 - European Conference on Complex Systems 2010 (Organising committee)

2007/2008 ISEG: Epilepsy crisis detection. (Researcher)

2006/2007 - FA-UTL: ArqPapel - Estudo sistemático de imagens e projectos de Arquitectura do início do século XX, através d'A Construcção Moderna [1900 - 1919]. POCI/AUR/60756/2004 - Digitising of an early XXth century magazine. (Researcher / Consultant)

2007 - CPD/​FA-UTL: De.:SID survey on Design in the Portuguese industry (Researcher / Consultant)

2005 - IST-UTL: “Nanofiltração para a purificação e concentração de caldos de ácido clavulânico” (in Prof. Ana Maria Figueiredo Alves team). (Researcher)